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Information d2w

Image   For the protection of the environment, our firm has used in the production of the company, on basis of the tests made at the beginning of the year of 2008, the biodegradable plastic products, having a successful technique and a complete documentation, which applies to the requiring of the European 94/62/EC standards (art. 5,6,7,8 respectively annex II, point 3, letter. a, b, d). 

   Our polyethylene biodegradable LDPE, MEDPE or HDPE products, in shape of foils, sacks, bags (undervest or banana type bags with strong/hardened handles), thermo-contractible covers/wrappers, etc., are resistant, and the other characteristics remain identical with those of the normal polyethylene, are safe for human health, and when its determined life ends, it is no need for the oxo-biodegradable process of degradation.

    To the client’s request, the plastic oxo-biodegradable material can be programmed, at the moment of production, to degrade at certain time. (advisable is. 8-10 month from production date)

     The controlled disassembly of products takes place under/through the action of microorganisms and oxygenation, in harmony with the provisions of ASTM D6954-04 standards (“directives referring to the examination of plastic material, through the combination of biological oxidation in natural environment”, obtaining carbon dioxide, mineral salts, water and biomass, without leaving any toxic residues and assures the reduce of environmental pollution.

      These oxo-biodegradable products are not obliged to calculate and to pay the ecotax of 0, 2 lei/peace, for the banana-type or undervest bags laid on the market.

       Our company’s technology “d2W oxo-biodegradable” was tested and registered in England, under registration number 3286343 and the following certification number was given:  0901004/07.01.2009, which you can visualize by clicking on the picture enclosed herein.

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