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Company information/details
  • 520036 - Sf. Gheorghe, Street Lunca Oltului, no. 7, Covasna County
  • Working place: - 527105 – Ilieni, Morii Street, no. 205D, Covasna County
Telephone: 00267 - 347.588
Fax: 00267 - 347.585
  • Zárug Ladislau senior
  • Zárug László junior
Contacting persons:
  • Zárug Ladislau senior - Tel: 0722-372-711
  • Zárug László junior - Tel: 0722-372-712
  • Bod Csaba - Tel: 0722-320-056
Year of foundation: 1994
Trade Registration Number:  
Unique Registration Code: 6987742
Tax Attribute: RO
Social Capital:  3.500.000 RON
Bank: BCR - Sfântu Gheorghe
Number of employees:  
Activity type:
  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Services
  • ISO 9001 
  • ISO 14001
Activities: Production and trade:
  • Promotional bags or for general use, industrial domestic bags;
  • readymade foils and bags (natural, colored or printed);
  • thermo-contractible foils;
  • stretch and industrial foils for palletizing;
  • the production of oxo-biodegradable bags;
  • Transparent and colored polyethylene waste development.
Products and services: Plastic bags and sacks:
  • Polyethylene bag and sack (PE)
  • High density Polyethylene bag and sack (HDPE)
  • Low density Polyethylene bag and sack (LDPE)
  • Bags and sacks from Polypropylene film (PP)
  • Thermo-weldable plastic bags and sacks
  • Plastic bags and sacks with round bottom 
  • Plastic bags and sacks with bare bottom
  • Plastic bags and sacks with locking or zip closing
  • Printed plastic bags
  • Plastic bags for storing clothes
  • Laundry plastic sacks
  • Plastic sacks, bags for transport.
  • Plastic bags for bread
  • Fertilizer plastic sacks
  • Plastic sacks for polluting substances
  • Plastic bags for autoclave treatments
  • Plastic bags, in rolls, for supermarkets
  • Plastic bags for garbage and trash cans
  • Printed multilayer foils for consuming milk and curd packaging
  • Bags and packaging’s for transportation of goods.
  • Plastic bags and sacks for freezer and refrigerator.
  • Disposable plastic ice cube bags
  • Plastic envelopes, covers for postal items
  • Envelopes and bags from transparent plastic foil
  • Plastic envelopes, stickers for postal bills (for parcels)
  • Plastic bag
  • Plastic wrapping material, for packaging
  • Antistatic plastic bags, sacks
  • Plastic bags for industrial packaging
  • Plastic bags according to the client’s request
  • Plastic envelopes and sacks, for documents
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