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Banana-type bags

  • The banana-type bags, with hardeners at their handles are made from low density or high density polyethylene, with width between 245 - 600 mm. According to their height, the printing can be made up to 8 colors, including polychrome.
  • The banana-type bags’, made from LDPE, thickness can be between 0,02 and 0,08 mm, and of those made from HDPE, can vary between 0,010 and 0,060 mm.
  • The banana-type printed bags are the ideal way of making your self known, with help of a cheap and an efficient advertise.
  • These bags have their handle stuck.

The bags dimension vary/differ as followings: 







Width*       (l)


250 - 600

+/- 10 mm

Length       (L)


300 - 650

+/- 10 mm

Thickness  (g) PEJD


0,025 - 0,080 with/without a jointed patch 

+/- 10 % in medie


0,010 - 0,020 without a jointed patch  

0,020 - 0,030   with a jointed patch 

+/- 10 % in medie

Bottom ply  (p)


30 - 60

+/- 5 mm

* Printed bags width’s:

  • Printing 1-8 colors up to width of 600mm. Their length is unlimited/not limited.

  • The foil can be transparent (natural) or colored with pigmies in the color requested by the client.

  • The printing in maximum 6 colors is made on flexograph printing machine with negatives made of photopolymer.
  • Are products from PEJD (low density polyethylene)


Manufactured/made from LDPE, MDPE or HDPE polyethylene, having the characteristics of oxo-biodegradable (it is considered to be the same as the term of biodegradability).


Natural, white or colored, unprinted or printed in 1-8 colors, including cvadrichrome, according to the client’s model.


Wrapping/packing of a wide range of products.


In cardboard boxes or polyethylene covers..


The bags are kept away from direct sunlight, at a distance of minimum 2m from any heat source, in covered, clean and dry arias. The values which have to be kept are the followings: a temperature of 15˚-25˚ C, humidity 10-65%. 


The means of transportation are going to be covered and clean, as to assure the wrapping/packing unit’s integrity. The client’s requests and the product will be delivered together with the certifying documents and other necessary documents.


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