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Warning tapes/bands


Low density polyethylene (L.D.P.E.), medium density (M.D.P.E) and high density (H.D.P.E)


White, yellow, blue, green, etc.


For gas-pipes, electric cables, optimum fiber, works at height, road works. The width, the color, the printing method as well as the thickness of the tape/band can vary depending on the client’s request.


The foil is used for the purpose of emphasizing/marking the public areas where various works are done.

Printing type: 

1-8 colors for foils with ≤ 1200 mm width.

Foil type:            



The tape/band is rolled on a paperboard and is protected by a cover made of polyethylene. The roller’s exterior diameter is established by common agreement with the client. At the client’s request, the tape/band can be cut and wrapped on different lengths and widths.

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