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Thermo-contractible foil


Low density polyethylene (L.D.P.E.)


Usually the foil is transparent, but at the client’s request this can be produced as white, yellow, blue, green, etc.


The foil can be punched. (airspaces or micro transfixions)

Printing method:

1-8 colors for foils with ≤ 1200 mm width

Foil type:              

Tubular (trouser), split (half trouser), film         



The foil is made for compact wrappings of jars, glasses, bottles, bags, boxes which contain food, chemicals, cosmetics and products for medical use, household, wood sheets etc. The foil’s contractibility is made depending on its thickness, at a temperature of 120˚-200˚ C.


The foil is rolled on a paperboard and is protected by a cover made of polyethylene. The roller’s exterior diameter is established by common agreement with the client.


The foil rolls are kept away from direct sunlight, at a distance of minimum 2m from any heat source, in covered, clean and dry storages.

Storing conditions: at a temperature of 15˚-25˚ C, humidity 10-65%. 

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