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Thin/fine bags


Low density polyethylene (L.D.P.E.), medium density (M.D.P.E) and high density (H.D.P.E)


Usually the foil is made transparent, but at the client’s request this can be produced also as white, yellow, blue, green, etc.


Maximum width 2500 mm (lateral/side ply ≤ 700 mm)

Maximum length - unlimited

Minimum thickness 0.008 mm (8u)


Can be made with or without lateral/side ply. At the client’s request these can be punched.

Printing method:

1-8 colors for bags with ≤ 1200 mm width


They are used for industrial handlings and for food, for the protection of certain products before their placing in boxes, or to assure a right and safe wrapping/packaging.


According to the client’s request the bags can be wrapped individually, on the parcel or on the roll (can be rolled on pipe or without a pipe). The roll’s maximum width is 300 mm.    

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